Economic, Social, and Environmental Benefits

Economic Benefits

  • Develop a local living and regenerative economy
  • Greater agricultural production & diversity
  • Eco-social entrepreneurial & businesses incubation
  • Increased renewable energy infrastructure, water conservation and higher crop yields
  • Increased tourism for environment, wellness & education
  • Increased Investment & economic growth in the region
  • Education, training and creation of jobs in:
    • Sustainability
    • Permaculture, Agriculture, Agtech
    • Waste Management & Upcycling
    • Water and Aqua Technology
    • Renewable Energy
    • Systems Design & Planning
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Construction
    • Bio-Materials
    • Teaching
    • Health


    • Improved community health & wellness
    • Beautiful & inspiring place for gatherings, events and learning for families, businesses, youth, non-profits, artists, healers
    • Enhanced community engagement, collaboration and alignment
    • Applied and interactive education, programs, workshops and events for personal growth, health & development, and reconnection to each other and nature
    • Development of systemic solutions for homelessness, elderly, poverty, hunger, health, sanitation, energy, pollution, mobility, energy efficiency, supply chain efficiency and climate change
    • Cultural events, festivals, workshops and gatherings celebrating life, beauty, nature, health, art, music, food, culture, innovation and community


      • A Living Laboratory for increased sustainability and ecosystemic thriving
      • A Showcase of Integrative Design & Regenerative Systems
      • Conservation of Natural Resources
      • Permaculture
      • Waste Upcycling
      • Use of Renewable Energy
      • Increased Natural Capital
      • Energy Efficient Design & Buildings
      • Improved health, productivity and resilience of earth’s systems