Jerome A. Landry, Sr. (Brigadier General, USAF Ret.)

VP Systems and Technology Operations


Mr. Landry, a retired Brigadier General, USAF, has over 30 years of success in multiple top level management positions leading thousands of personnel and complex business divisions. Mr. Landry has hands-on experience communications/computer operations, logistics, contracting/procurement, fiscal/budget planning and business development.  His experience also includes acquiring new business for both corporate entities and professional associations, as well as providing consulting services with regard to direction and guidance to companies and other entities desiring to do business with the U.S. Government and System Integration Companies.

As CEO of Frontier Technology, Inc. (FTI), Mr. Landry was responsible for the leadership and management of an Information Technology company with annual revenue of $130.7 Million.  Mr. Landry also brings experience in

Program and Financial Management, Water Quality Monitoring, and Engine Predictive Failure Prognostics. Moreover,  Mr. Landry managed a Cisco business initiative to enter into long term alliances with 11 of the world’s leading Systems Integration Companies resulting in over $520 Million.